1. ACCEPTANCE Booking, implies acceptance of the following general conditions.

2. USERThe person making the reservation must be of legal age and is responsible for the veracity of the information provided. All guests making the reservation must be properly identified (babies, children and adults). The data of all foreign guests will be sent to SEF ( Foreigners and Borders Service of Portugal).
Only guests mentioned in the reservation are allowed in the accommodation. The person responsible for the booking must sign, at check-in, the booking agreement, and will be responsible for the other guests, namely regarding the observance of the accommodation rules.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

3. PREPAYMENT The reservation system requires pre-payment of the total amount of the reservation. Payment must be made by credit or debit card through the platform. The reservation is subject to the acceptance of payment by the banking entity.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

4. BOOKING CONFIRMATION After the validation of the payment, the customer will receive the booking confirmation by e-mail.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

5. CANCELLATION and/or REFUND POLICY This Cancellation and/or Refund Policy applies to all reservations made on the platform.
  • 100% refund for cancellations up to 48h after booking (not applicable for bookings made less than 15 days from check-in);
  • 50% refund for cancellations up to 15 days after booking (not applicable for bookings made less than 15 days from check-in);
In all other cases our cancellation policy does not provide for any refund.

There is no inter-housing booking exchange.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

6. AUTOMATIC CANCELLATION / NO-SHOWIf the person responsible for the reservation does not show up on the check-in day between 16h00 and 19h00, does not request any Late Check-in, and remains out of contact, the reservation will be cancelled for no-show. The reservation value will not be returned and the accommodation will be available for a new reservation.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

7. INFORMATIONAll information provided by the booking party is stored on a secure server. We guarantee that only the reservations team will have access to this information and will only use it for the processing of the booking in question or to communicate relevant promotions and offers.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

8. OCCUPANTSThe person responsible for the reservation undertakes to inform BED AND SUN UNIP. LDA. of the number of individuals making up the booking not exceeding the maximum capacity of the accommodation in question.

9. CLEANINGThe accommodation is provided to the guest properly cleaned, the guest undertakes to deliver the accommodation reasonably clean, namely without food remains and rubbish.


Two modalities:
LDE - Change of bed linen, change of towels, collection of rubbish, tidying up the Kitchen, cleaning the bathroom.
SIMPLE LDE - change of towels, rubbish collection, kitchen cleaning.
  • LDE is optional for stays between 8 and 10 nights.
  • LDE is obligatory for all stays longer than 11 nights during high season.
  • LDE is mandatory for all stays longer than 15 nights during low season.

LONGSTAYS (long stays) - LDE must be done every 15 days, if the guest does not accept, a VISTORY (checking the state of cleanliness and general care of the accommodation) must be scheduled as an alternative.

EXTRA CLEANING - The guest can hire our cleaning service. This service has a cost of 30€+VAT for T1, 50€+VAT for T2, 70€+VAT for T3, and requires availability. For other types of property, please contact our services.

ACCESS PERMISSION At check-in the guest will be asked for permission to access the accommodation on the date scheduled for cleaning.

11. CHANGESWe reserve the right to change the accommodation booked for one with similar or better characteristics in case of force majeure. These changes will not have any cost for the customer.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

12. DEPOSIT and/or BOND The deposit, which is compulsory, will be blocked or charged to the card through an automatic payment terminal (APT) at the time of check-in. An ATM card (credit or debit) different from the one used for the payment of the reservation can be used.

AMOUNT: The amount to be blocked is specified in the characteristics of the accommodation. In the case of LONGSTAYS the amount charged will be the equivalent of the monthly rent.

RETURN: The amount will be unblocked or returned in full within 30 days after the check-in date, unless damage is found to the flat's infrastructure, furniture and/or equipment, or in situations of extreme filth.

EXCEPTIONS: For youth group bookings the amount of the deposit may be charged in double.
In all cases the non-payment of the deposit will prevent the check-in and consequent use of the accommodation. There will be no refund of any amount paid for the reservation.

13. CHECK-INCheck-in must be done by the person responsible for the reservation. Alternatively, it may be carried out by one of the booking constituents provided that he/she is of legal age and that this information is communicated in writing to the reservations department.

CHECK-IN during working hours – between 16h00 and 19h00;

LATE CHECK-IN – after 7pm;
If the person responsible for the reservation cannot arrive before 7pm, a late check-in will be made using the MasterLock system. Instructions for the use of this system will be sent on the day of check-in. The reservation officer undertakes to arrange a meeting with the host the following day to sign the reservation agreement and/or other formalities that may be requested.
This option is not available for stays of less than 2 nights nor for LONGSTAYS ;

LATE CHECK-IN WITH A HOST– After 7pm with a personal welcome at the accommodation;
This option is subject to availability and has an extra cost: 
Between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm – €25
After 11:00pm – €45
This service can be requested by any client who prefers to do the face-to-face check-in with a host after 7pm. If you choose this service, there will be no need to come to the office the following day to sign the booking agreement, block the deposit, or other formalities.
If your booking is a SHORTSTAY (less than 2 nights) or LONGSTAY and you are unable to show up at the accommodation before 7pm you will be required to pay the late face-to-face check-in fee.


TIMETABLE: Check-out time is until 10h00. For every 30 minutes of delay in check-out a fee of up to 50,00 euros may be charged.

ACCOMMODATION: The guest undertakes to leave the accommodation in the same circumstances as when checked in, namely with regard to the preservation and layout of the infrastructure, furniture and equipment.
Failure to comply with these rules may result in an additional charge.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

15. INVOICESShould the guest require an invoice, the billing details must be sent at the time of booking.
To issue an invoice we need the guest's VAT number, name and full address.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

16. RULESIt is forbidden to make noise between 22h00h and 09h00h. No parties or events allowed. Smoking is not allowed. No pets allowed.
An additional fee of 200€ may be charged in case of non-compliance with these rules, to cover possible coordination costs and/or compensation for guests with later bookings.

For LONGSTAYS the same rules apply;

17. LONGSTAYSFor stays longer than 22 or 28 nights, between November and May, in certain accommodation, we offer special booking conditions:
The rent is calculated monthly and includes cleaning every 15 days, water and internet charges.
Electricity is paid separately at the end of each month after consumption has been counted. The amount paid for electricity is calculated from a device that collects the guest's consumption data.
At check-in, a security deposit is required (equivalent to the monthly rent) which will be returned at the end of your stay after checking in (see point 12).

15th December 2022

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