Otávio the Octopus is Quarteira's new mascot

Are you planning a short vacation to enjoy the last beach days in Quarteira? Be aware that you may find a very peculiar animal walking through the streets and beaches of the city... This new inhabitant, blue, very friendly and with many legs, is Octopus Otávio!

Octopus Otávio is the new mascot of the town that welcomes tourists and charms locals with his good mood! Besides reinforcing the hospitality of Quarteira's inhabitants, he highlights the local gastronomic tradition and acts as an agent for environmental causes, namely the marine ecosystem and biodiversity.Otávio will have his adventures told in a book collection, especially thought for the younger generation, the generation of the future. The Parish Council is launching the first of the collection "The Amphora of Friendship" which will be available to the public in Portuguese and English in early 2023. For now, the first copies will be distributed only in the school libraries of Quarteira.Video here.

Photo in @jfquarteira

15 October 2022