Algarve. A different kind of energy.

“Algarve: a different kind of energy. The only you should spend.”

This is the motto behind the recent campaign launched by Turismo do Algarve, in partnership with NERA (Business Association of the Algarve Region).

The idea for the campaign arises as a response to the energy crisis that is being experienced a little bit all over Europe, especially in countries where the winter is more rigorous, and consequently there is a greater dependence on energy consumption.

The objective is to position the Algarve as a premium destination for all those who want to escape the cold and the high energy costs during winter time. Therefore, it is expected to attract international tourists to the Algarve during the low season period, where the climate is mild and the days are longer and sunny. It aims to show the destination as a place where they can spend their energy in a more interesting way, practicing the most varied outdoor activities, in tune with Nature. Basically, invite them to come and spend the unique energy that the Algarve provides them, disconnecting from expensive energy sources.

Here is the video of the campaign:

Sources: Turismo do Algarve

3rd January 2022

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