Together defending Local Accommodation!

On March 30th, property owners and workers in the Local Accommodation sector will gather in major cities across the country to protest against the government's measures under the "Mais Habitação" program.

Carla Reis, a property owner and organizer of the protest, explains that the reasons "are the same as those that led us to protest on March 1st: the defense of Local Accommodation. On March 30th, the government will approve the remaining set of measures that are part of the Mais Habitação package, this time measures directly related to Local Accommodation."

This protest will take place on the day of the Council of Ministers, and the gatherings will occur simultaneously on March 30th, Thursday, at 12:00 PM in Faro, in front of the City Hall, in Porto, near the main entrance of Mercado do Bolhão, and in Praça do Município, Lisbon.

For those who rely on Local Accommodation, show up!

Sources: Observador

28th March 2023

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