'Mais Habitação': What is the situation for AL?

The beginning of this week brought an important decision for the Local Accommodation sector. The President of the Republic vetoed the "Mais Habitação" (More Housing) program, returning the Decree that approves measures in the housing sector, making various legislative changes, to the Assembly of the Republic without promulgation.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa expressed his views on "Mais Habitação," highlighting some of its key proposals, including restrictions on local accommodation to increase the supply of houses for residential purposes. You can find the President's note on the Presidency's website.

"In simple terms, it is not easy to see where the promised housing supply will come from effectively and quickly," said the President, considering that the present legislation is not sufficiently credible in terms of its short-term implementation.

ALEP - the Association of Local Accommodation in Portugal - promptly issued a statement about this decision. "With a mix of renewed hope and firm determination, ALEP welcomes the President's decision to politically veto the 'Mais Habitação' legislative package, especially preventing disastrous measures against local accommodation from moving forward."

"This veto is largely the result of the work of recent months in expressing the sector's concerns, which ALEP, on behalf of all, has been doing with various entities, including the Presidency" ... "It is at the same time a certificate that we are on the right path and an incentive to continue fighting by all means."

The proposed law may undergo changes in the coming weeks or remain as it is before being submitted to a new vote in Parliament. With the Socialist Party holding an absolute majority, it is anticipated that the legislation will be reconfirmed - as the PS has already expressed positive sentiments in this regard after Marcelo's note.

On the ALEP website, you can read the Association's position on this scenario and the associated concerns.

And if the PS insists and "Mais Habitação" advances as is or with minor changes?

"The fight for justice and survival continues, and, in that regard, ALEP will use all available legal avenues to counteract this devastating package for our sector. To this end, we will continue to work with our legal team to organize structures that support and facilitate members' access to defending their rights in the courts, either in a more individual or more collective manner."

The Local Accommodation sector remains united, and a fundraising campaign to save local accommodation in Portugal - "Não deixamos matar o AL!" (We won't let AL die!) - is ongoing. You can contribute here.

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25th August 2023

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